about semidivine

Alison and LilSemidivine is the creative brain child of Alison Cohn, a veteran of the web’s wild ride for the last seventeen years. Alison, a native New Yorker, started developing her skills in New York City’s Silicon Alley, but in 2000 relocated to Los Angeles after finding changing seasons to be too distracting. Now, since not being able to fully decide between the two cities, and thoroughly enjoying both, she is hovering somewhere over Kansas in a molecularized holding pattern.

The principles which drive Semidivine are beautiful design, intelligent information architecture, cutting edge applications, ease of use and the ability to truly connect with your audience. This recipe drives powerful websites. Our attention to detail on even our most basic package is obsessive. Semidivine can provide you with everything you need to make your web strategy happen; design, programming, e-commerce solutions, business strategies, content creation and management, as well as technical consultation and continuing support.

We co-create with you to determine how to best build a site to your specifications. You give us a clear sense of the online needs of your company, we will match you with the optimal strategy. Then we keep you in touch with every step along the way as we build out your site.

It is our pleasure to serve you.

FYI: over 10% of Semidivine’s profits go to charitable organizations, most notably the Best Friends Animal Society and the Agape International Spiritual Center

All background photography by Alison Cohn. All rights reserved.

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