custom logo design

Text Logo Package $995

In this package, we will create numerous font options and customize the fonts with special graphic effects such as textures, gradients, weights, and shadows. FedEx, Facebook, The New York Times and Oracle are all examples of powerful and effective text logos.

“Your Idea” Logo Package $1,995

This package helps reduce time and cost by having you, the client, provide the idea for the logo symbol. We will create numerous renditions of your idea and keep evolving it until approved. We will also stylize the fonts and other elements of the logo for maximum impact. Brainstorming and creating your logo symbol is subjective and usually takes a great deal of time, but because the general concept is provided, this package is discounted nearly 40%.

Logo Modification Package $2,495

We will modify your outdated or out-of-style logo while maintaining brand identity. Sometimes a logo just needs a few tweaks and minor updates to bring it back to life. For cases like these, our Logo Modification Package is a perfect fit. In this package, we will alter and enhance your existing logo with new font design and spend up to 5 hours modifying your logo symbol. We’ll do a thorough review of your brand identity and give you our honest, expert opinion on whether your logo needs a facelift… or a whole new face. If you decide to upgrade at any time, you only pay the difference in the package pricing.

Custom Logo Design Package $2,995

Our custom logo design process guarantees results, with unlimited revisions. To create an effective illustrated logo for your company, Semidivine begins with a discovery process, during which we learn about your business and discuss ideas for your identity. As a result of the discovery process, we may suggest a visual direction that will further define the logo mark. We then design or “mock up” several logo concepts and review the results with you. After each round, we hope to get closer to a final solution that all of us are excited about. Now, we sometimes hit home runs on the first set of logos, but it’s important to remember that we all have different taste and logo likes/dislikes. Our process lets us work together to provide a solid foundation upon which the logo best represents your business and communicates a feeling of trust and creditability. As an added bonus, our custom logo design package includes a complementary business card design and template.

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