Case Studies

Mignot St Barth

mignotMignot St Barth is a high-end jewelry designer that sells gorgeous, bohemian, luxurious, hand-selected, Tahitian black pearls strung on the softest of leather cords, setting them off with sea glass, hammered gold, uncut precious stones and other organic elements. The client himself, bronzed, buzzed, with a charming French accent, evoking evenings walking barefoot on the beach, also fueled our inspiration. The challenge for Semidivine was to create a web presence worthy of his jewels, but also keep the budget reasonable as this fledgeling company is just beginning to launch and sell in the US.

Our strategy revolved around creating a stunning, evocative design (a Semidivine specialty), and utilizing third-party software that best served the client while keeping costs in line. So in this case we used WordPress, open-source web software for site structure and content management, and Shopify, a robust, simple to use, hosted e-commerce platform, ultimately utilizing the best strengths of both. The key, with these separate solutions, was to create a holistic site experience so that the customer would always feel embraced by the Mignot St Barth vibe.

Check out the site.

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