what should you budget?

Here’s the key take away: Your website is where your customers decide to engage your organization or look elsewhere. (Pretty darned important factor, right?)

What should you spend? This depends on your company’s size… a one hundred thousand dollar company will obviously budget differently than a one million dollar company will obviously budget differently than a 50 million dollar company, however all need to set a budget that is appropriate for their industry, and allow them to clearly outshine the competition.

It’s not just a website anymore… your website is an interactive piece your business and influences your customers more than all other branding components combined.  We recommend at least 50% of your marketing budget go to your website & online marketing.

If your budget, which should be based on your gross sales, is under 10k… you should really look at our Small Business Web Design Package… which is a simplified process, but still completely custom designed.

Here are the steps you must take to build a high impact site that will impress the heck out of your customers.

  1. Discovery & Strategy Planning (Getting to know you)
  2. Design & Creative Phase (Actual graphics & messaging, no coding)
  3. Coding & CMS Implementation (Creating a custom site theme / templates in WordPress or other CMS)

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